Saturday, October 4, 2008

Autumn Fall Custom Quilt

This custom quilt was designed in part by one of our customers. Gregg asked for something totally different than we had ever done before. We emailed back and forth about 50 times before coming up with this pattern. I used Microsoft word to create a sample, then he would change it. Then I would change it to make it the right size. Then we would talk about colors and what would look good, and what should be where to make all the blocks and measurements work out right. Then Sandra found different fabic samples for him to choose from and we emailed him the pictures. He didn't know it but I was in the early stages of labor with my baby boy at the time while we were emailing back and forth, lol. It was still so much fun because it kept my mind off the contractions and Gregg was just so great to work with. We really enjoyed coming up with this new pattern for his sister's new baby. Of course, after it was made on file, Sandra got to do all the actual work of making the quilt because she is just so good at it and does such a fabulous job.