Sunday, October 14, 2007

Puff quilts are back! This puff quilt in natural colors was inspired by one of our favorite customers. Karen made a special request for a puff quilt kit in natural colors so it would match her grandson's nursery. We were happy to oblige. Sandra came up with the combination. Since then, we have made two other custom puff quilt kits for Karen. She wanted to make the quilts for two of her nieces who were having baby girls. She chose for one, pink/brown/white and for the other one, mauve/tan/cream. We hope to have these in our puff quilt kit collection soon as these seem to be our best sellers.

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lewister said...

Hadn't thought about puff quilts in ages. Definitely a perfect idea for a baby. Plan to feature some of your stuff over on my baby quilt blog. (Looks like the dates on this are pretty old. Are you not keeping it up anymore? Just want to check so I don't add a dead blog to my blogroll.)